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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This week

As you know last weekend was the Grand Opening for Denim and Daisies!! We had a great time during the grand opening, and the fun continues this week. There are lots of fun challenges going on, you should stop by and check them out.

I participated in a couple of the "challenges" that have been going on this week. The first one I did was a lyric's challenge. We had to come up with a song that meant something to us, and then scrap a page around that song. I chose the song In My Daughter's Eyes by Martina McBride. Everytime I hear that song I tear up thinking about what a wonderful gift my daughter Evelyn has been to me. I lost my first child (a little girl named Michaela) in 1998 due to complications with my diabetes. It took me almost 8 years to get up the guts to try again, but with lots of dedication and hard work, my husband and I were blessed with our daughter Evelyn. She is beautiful and perfect in every way (of course I think that since I am her mom right?) LOL Anyway, this song has always touched me..

The second challenge I participated in, was a Raw Denim challenge, that was using a template.. I made a page of my dog Britianie, who I miss very much!! She was and always will be the BEST dog in the world!! :-)

So make sure you head over to Denim and Daisies ( and check out the games and challenges! I am sure everyone will find something that will make them want to Sit! Stay! Scrap!!

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